The End

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Together, the brothers from Coburg form a collective Quasimodo; longing for the arrival of angry, torch-bearing mobs. After kicking around the musical dungeons of Melbourne for two years paying their dues, these four brothers began to question their sonic union. That was until Producer Paul "Woody" Annison (Children Collide, Hunting Grounds) hauled their arses into Red Door Sounds to record their debut EP, where they explored the dark side of the pop in all of their hearts.

The Red Aces sound isn't doing the rounds. It is bold. It is brutal. There are savage guitar lines and depraved melodies. There is triumph and despair.

It is time for change. The dark hearts of pop are ready to scale the belltower.

You wanna light a torch? You wanna form an angry mob?

Listen to "The End". The first single from Red Aces' forthcoming debut EP.

Available on JJJ Unearthed for stream or download.